Keeping You and Your Family Safe at Home with a Security Lock

A security lock is something every home should have. There are actually many kinds of security locks and all of which have one purpose and that is to keep you and your home safe from burglars and other kinds of intruders. Basically a security lock prevents an intruder from breaking in, usually by force, but it should be remember not all locks are the same and each one has their own features and selling points. Read more great facts on  door knob, click here. 

The first one are electrical security locks. These kinds of locks are operated by electric signals to secure or open the bold. Controls range from a simple security code to a remote control that may be integrated or separated from your car keys. Other security locks make use of a key card. Plenty of business use this type of lock, but there are those built for home use, as well. For more useful reference regarding  bike lock, have a peek here. 

The next type are rather the traditional ones. These are the mechanical type of locks that only need a physical action or trigger to open or close. Usually it has two components which are the lock itself and the key to open it. However, there are different kinds of mechanical security locks. Cylindrical locks sets is another example. The mortise security lock also falls into this category and it is found into a pocket sitting with the edge of doors. The mortise lock is more secure than a cylindrical lock, however it is also more expensive.

Needless to say, between an electronic lock and a mechanical lock, the latter offers a lower level of security. Therefore, nowadays, homeowners do not just rely on one type of lock alone. It is common for people to use a combination of electronic and mechanical locks or there are those who use a combination of two different mechanical security locks. One type of lock usually accompany either an electronic or mechanical lock is a deadbolt, which consists of a longer and tougher bolt. These locks make it difficult for intruders to break into your home. Moreover, for more security, people prefer dual lock deadbolts which requires a key to open both sides. They are indeed secure but there are banned in some areas because they are also not safe when there is fire.

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